Walt Disney. Famous iconic brand

The history of the Walt Disney brand is, first of all, the history of a person. After all, it was Walt Disney himself who brought to life the Walt Disney brand now known to the whole world.

Walt Disney for all people is associated primarily with the joys of childhood. But Disney himself did not have much joy in his childhood. From a very young age, Walt was forced to work - on a farm, delivering newspapers, selling.

Walt Disney. Iconic brand

But Walt Disney wanted to paint. Therefore, contrary to his father (who did not perceive the ability to draw as a job), he entered the Institute of Arts.

Then there were the hardest years of hellish labor. Walt Disney and his companions work tirelessly, but luck is not on their side. They make some really good films though.

Luck comes to Disney with the appearance of the mouse Mickey (who, by the way, was voiced by Walt Disney himself). The charming mouse captivated the audience so much that Disney and the studio of the same name become world famous in an instant. And although the Walt Disney studio has released many very diverse and impressive films, Walt Disney is still called nothing more than the “mouse king”, and his studio is called the “mouse factory”.

However, Disney is not limited to the production of films and cartoons. Walking with the offspring and languishing from boredom, Disney comes up with a brilliant idea to open an amusement park. And soon Disney made such a park. Today, any amusement park is simply called "Disneyland", and in fact this word was originally the name of only one Disney park.

Now Walt Disney is a large corporation, which includes film studios, animation studios, recording studios, theaters, parks, resorts, an entire children's television, radio and television channels, consumer goods and much more.

But the Walt Disney brand is still associated primarily with the personality of Walt Disney himself (by the way, the owner of 29 Oscars) and his cartoon children: Mickey Mouse with friends - Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, dogs Pluto and Goofy and others. Secondly, Walt Disney is an all-family brand with products for all ages.

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