Hard Rock Cafe. Famous iconic brand

One of the most famous brands in the world is the iconic brand Hard Rock Cafe. But what is much more interesting is that this brand is really unique and it was from its submission that a special direction in business appeared in the world, which received the name "eaterainment" (which means "entertainment while eating"). However, among all the companies that have brought the idea of "eaterainment" to life, only Hard Rock Cafe has reached such a peak, where the rest are still very, very far away.

Hard Rock Cafe. Iconic brand

What is so unique about Hard Rock Cafe?

First of all, of course, a direct connection with the world-famous musical direction - rock and roll. The idea behind the Hard Rock Cafe is essentially quite simple - the most ordinary cafe has adopted the paraphernalia of rock and roll. However, this simple concept had a very successful strategy - the cafe got its own individual "face".

Today it is already difficult to separate Hard Rock Cafe from the actual rock and roll. These concepts have grown together so much that speaking of one, the second is immediately involuntarily intertwined. But celebrities of rock and roll are not always regulars at Hard Rock Cafe.

However, Hard Rock Cafe managed to become practically a part of the rock and roll phenomenon. And it's not just that the Hard Rock Cafe listened to rock and roll. During the heyday of rock and roll, this music was played in many homes, and often during lunch or dinner. Such meals have even become a special phenomenon of American life.

Hard Rock Cafe turned their cafes into some kind of rock and roll museums. Each individual restaurant was buying up items related to the rock and roll movement - clothing, musical instruments, posters, gold discs, music manuscripts and other things related to the rock and roll phenomenon and its stars. It is these famous museum pieces that now attract people from all over the world to Hard Rock Cafe who have discovered the music and lifestyle of rock and roll. In total, the Hard Rock Cafe now owns at least sixty thousand different items, among which there is even a guitar of Jimi Hendrix himself and John Lennon's famous glasses, the total value of which exceeds thirty million dollars (!). If we divide all these items by the number of Hard Rock Cafes available (and there are at least a hundred of them located in forty countries around the world), then each Hard Rock Cafe has about six hundred museum exhibits.

The Hard Rock Cafe strategy brought good results. Firstly, this is an original idea, which in itself deserves special attention. Secondly, the unique specificity associated with one of the most famous movements of the twentieth century (and this is not only music, it is not in vain that they say that rock and roll is not only music, it is life). Thirdly, attractiveness, because Hard Rock Cafe is not only the keepers of iconic rock and roll exhibits, a kind of museum, which many people from all over the world come to see specially (even those who know little about the rock and roll movement) . Often the cafes themselves are already a cult and significant place where many famous people have visited.

So the high popularity of the Hard Rock Cafe brand, its recognizability, its specificity and peculiarity is fully justified, and even more than that - over the years, like a good wine, the significance of this brand will only become higher, more expensive, more weighty.

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