EA Games. Famous iconic brand

There are those who do not know the iconic brand EA Games?

Maybe there are, although it is very difficult to believe. And not at all because in the modern world it is difficult to find a person who has escaped the “gambling addiction” virus. There are people in our world who have not known the charms of games on computers and other consoles, but even they most likely know the famous EA Games logo. After all, this brand is almost the standard of high-quality computer games. And that means the modern world in general (after all, not only the real world penetrates into the virtual one, but vice versa).

EA Games. Iconic brand. Electronic Arts and EA Games logo

Under the EA Games brand, such monsters of the gaming world as Need For Speed, Medal of Honor, Command & Conquer, The Sims, Battlefield, Crysis, Mass Effect, The Godfather, sports games FIFA, NBA, NHL ... and the list goes on for a very long time. But is it necessary? After all, the mention of one of the above games is enough for every second (if not every first) inhabitant of our planet to exclaim - “Oh yes, I know!”, Even if he himself did not have to play the named toy. Such is the popularity of these games.

So the cult brand of EA Games is hardly in doubt. Another thing is that few people know how long the path of EA Games to the Olympus of the cult was. However, those who were fond of the Sega console probably remember that even then EA (that is, Electronic Arts) released their games. Electronic Arts also had a strange logo - a Cube, a ball and a pyramid, which everyone read as “EOA” (moreover, this middle “O” caused the most questions, to which the company once stated that this is “a yo-yo ball, accidentally dropped into the drive"; however, thanks to this joke, the company has a tradition of keeping blue balls with the Electronic Arts logo in the company's offices).

In general, the current popularity of EA Games is not a fluke, but a very long way to become.

But now EA Games can deservedly rest on its laurels. However, EA Games does not have much time to “rest”, as they continue to work very actively.

EA games are released not only for personal computers, but also for popular consoles PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo. Separately, EA sports is developing - a series of sports games (EA sports products are recognized as the best in their genre). Another special project is Pogo. Under this name, casual games enter the world of games. And EA Games studios can be found almost anywhere in the world - the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Romania, Korea, China, Russia and even Australia.

In general, we can safely say that the EA Games brand has conquered the entire virtual world and is striving to conquer the real world. Or, as the company itself admits in one of its slogans - “Challenge everything”. Simply put, EA Games is the most iconic brand, and not just in the gaming industry.

PS: By the way, it is thanks to EA Games that the professions of game designer and game programmer have become prestigious and the world community has started talking about these people.

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