Umbrella. Famous iconic brand

Yes, the Umbrella brand never existed in the real world. Like the corporation of the same name. However, Umbrella is a well-known cult brand, primarily due to the popular game Resident Evil, and subsequently released films and books with the same name.

Umbrella. Iconic brand

The fictitious Umbrella brand is not only more popular than many real-life brands, but it is even valued very expensively. For example, according to the well-known world magazine Forbes (which specializes in assessing the fortunes of others), the Umbrella Corporation itself is valued at $22 billion! Not bad even for a fictional company.

So if you're inventing corporations (and especially brands) in your spare time, don't forget to register and patent your invented brand, otherwise someone might do it for you.

Now the Umbrella brand is known not only among fans of Resident Evil games and films, but also among ordinary people. The Umbrella brand has been the subject of several articles in famous magazines. The Umbrella logo can often be seen in street graffiti.

Many companies (even big ones like Avon) try to imitate the Umbrella brand by creating their own branded products to attract visitors, because the Umbrella umbrella has become familiar to people and is a well-known image for many, even if they do not know anything about Resident Evil and have never watched the series films with the same name.

So the Umbrella brand is a rare example of a hyped cult brand in the complete absence of the company and its products in reality. And of course, the Umbrella logo will remain forever in the history of brands.

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