Coca-Cola. Famous iconic brand

Perhaps there is nothing more popular than Coca-Cola in the world. No wonder the Coca-Cola brand is still the most expensive. Now, probably, there is no person in the world who would not know what Coca-Cola is.

Coca-Cola. Iconic brand

However, few people know the history of Coca-Cola. This drink was invented by pharmacist John Pemberton. The composition of the drink is very simple - coca leaves (yes, the same coca from which cocaine is made) and cola nuts. The name "Coca-Cola", without further ado, was coined by Frank Robinson (however, it is more significant that the Coca-Cola logo also belongs to him - Robinson had calligraphy skills). This drink was sold as a cure for "all disorders", a remedy for impotence, and also an excellent substitute for morphine (for those who are too addicted). These were the glorious times when cocaine was not yet recognized as a narcotic drug, and many manufacturers added coca to soft drinks to “lift the tone”.

At first, Coca-Cola sold rather poorly. But people liked the drink, so gradually Coca-Cola's business went uphill. Coca-Cola soon changed ownership and became a company, coca was banned, so now only those leaves from which the “secret ingredient” had already been removed were used in the preparation of the drink, designer Earl Dean developed a unique bottle of Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola company only filed a lawsuit against 153 companies during the year that “mowed down” under the real Coca-Cola.

Now Coca-Cola is produced and drunk all over the world, but, interestingly, the company still keeps the recipe for making the drink a secret. No less interesting is the fact that it was thanks to Coca-Cola that the world received a red-and-white good-natured fat Santa Claus. And yet - Coca-Cola really removes scale and rust deposits (all due to phosphoric acid), destroys teeth and the digestive tract.

But who cares about all this? After all, Coca-Cola is so tasty and attractive. And very, very famous. But it’s not clear whether we drink Coca-Cola because it is one of the most popular brands, or whether the brand has become the most expensive in the world because we consume this amazing drink so actively.

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