A little bit of everything and interesting

Times change, life changes, people and priorities change, websites change too.

When the site kanpot.ru appeared, we ourselves did not know what it would be like and published everything that only we had and that, as it seemed to us, would be interesting to our visitors. Therefore, the site turned out to be very diverse in content.

Now, due to the last change of the site, many materials will disappear. They seemed irrelevant to us and so far we have removed them. Perhaps later we will return them to the site again. And perhaps they will forever sink into oblivion.

In the meantime, we have focused on two headings - "Famous iconic brands" and "Great people". It was the materials of these sections that turned out to be the most interesting and in demand. It is understandable, people always think about the greatness and the great of this world.

And famous brands are what now define our lives no less than great people. Often these brands determined in which direction civilization would move, how and what people's minds would be occupied with. Yes, brands often have significant people behind them. Some of them, by the way, also became great people.

True, some other sections remained - Archives of Philosophical Articles, The Art of Advertising, Beauty Lessons and Formulas of Love. These topics will always be relevant. They may not be asked so often, but still every person at one time seeks the meaning of life, thinks about how to become more beautiful - both externally and internally, and, of course, always looking for true love.

So we hope that our website "A Little About Everything" in a new format, convenient for viewing on both computers and mobile phones, will continue to be interesting. We will try to add new interesting materials that we have collected in the near future.

We still have a lot of different things in store - fascinating and unusual. And for you we choose only the best and unique. And there is still no project on the Internet similar to ours.

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