Gucci. Famous iconic brand

The history of the iconic Gucci brand is quite interesting. From an ordinary sewing workshop, Gucci has become a well-known company that produces fashionable and luxury products. But is it easy for a long time to remain not only a leader and trendsetter, but to maintain an image of elitism and luxury?

When Guccio Gucci opened his sewing workshop in Italy in 1920, he would hardly think that many years later his name would be known in all corners of the globe and people would pay not so much for actual clothes as for the Gucci brand.

Gucci. Iconic brand

However, this is exactly what happened to Gucci when it managed to achieve phenomenal success by the 1960s. The famous Gucci handbag with bamboo handles, the most famous in the history of fashion, remained a cult product of that time.

But the fashion world is capricious and quickly changes its preferences. And what yesterday was trendy and ultra-modern, today may become obsolete.

True, by 1980, new fashion trends almost left Gucci far behind. In addition, the company got into one unpleasant story that Gucci competitors tried to inflate in order to add negativity to the brand. And if the famous designer Tom Ford and manager Domenico de Sole had not taken up the reorganization of Gucci, then we would have forgotten about this brand today.

However, Ford and Sole were able to once again bring their company to the top of the most fashionable firms. To do this, they not only completely changed the image of the brand, focusing on openness and sexuality, but also changed the look of branded stores and boutiques, and even limited the sale of branded goods, thereby creating an increased demand for them.

And by 2000, Gucci had once again become a global fashion brand, and people were once again ready to pay a lot more by purchasing Gucci branded products, because they were buying not just fashionable clothes, but buying iconic branded goods.

Yes, in the changing world of fashion, you need to be especially sensitive and always try to be ahead. And if suddenly the company manages to achieve this, especially, as the experience of Gucci shows, more than once, then the brand image will be all the more appreciated, which is again proven by Gucci. Although it is very, very difficult to take into account the vagaries of fashion, and it is better not to state anything in advance.

As it is wisely said: let's wait and see what will happen in the future with the Gucci brand. In the meantime, you can safely purchase branded and fashionable clothes from Gucci, because the company is considered a leading supplier of luxury goods.

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