Danon. Famous iconic brand

One of the most famous brands is the Danon brand, which produces products that take care of the digestion of consumers. In addition, the Danon brand is the largest brand among all brands that specialize in the production of fresh dairy products.

Danon. Iconic brand

The history of the Danon brand is quite amazing. After all, few people know that the creator of the Danon brand, Isaac Carazo, tried to cope with the problem of intestinal disorders, which was a burning problem in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century. Thousands of children suffered from disorders, and it was in an attempt to help them that Karaso took up the study of the "mystery of digestion." The result of Karaso's research was the discovery of how important special microorganisms are for normal digestion - lactobacilli (subsequently, Karaso will even receive a Nobel Prize for his research).

And so a completely unique product appeared on the market - yoghurts with Danon lactobacilli.

Initially, by the way, Danon products were sold as pharmaceutical products, which greatly contributed to the purchase, so Danon is still indirectly trying to lead consumers to this idea (for this reason, for example, Danon's Actimel has such a specific container).

And the company and the Danon brand owe their name to the son of Isaac Karaso - Daniel, whose name everyone abbreviated to a simplified one - Danon.

Now Danon is one of the most famous brands in the world (it is one of the five most famous food brands in the world), and its products are sold in almost all countries of the world. Moreover, the health benefits of Danon products are not fictional: the company has its own scientific and medical center - Danon Vitapole, which is constantly working to find and improve the beneficial qualities of Danon branded products.

So it's not just that the Danon brand is a famous cult brand and occupies a very significant place in the ranking of the best brands in the world.

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