Chrysler. Famous iconic brand

The Canadian brand Chrysler is one of the most iconic and most amazing brands in the world.

After all, firstly, the Chrysler brand has a special image associated with the jazz era in America, with the era of romance. Chrysler cars are strongly associated with American cults such as Scott Fitzgerald, Clark Gable or Bonnie and Clyde. Secondly, the company's marketing strategy for branded products is quite interesting: only Chrysler cars were advertised with such epithets as "graceful", "elegant", "dreamy" or even "thoughtful". This is a special emotional version of the presentation of the corporate brand and, in fact, cars. Thirdly, from the day of its foundation to this day, Chrysler products have been holding on to the classic design, by which you can always immediately recognize Chrysler cars.

Chrysler. Iconic brand

However, despite the fact that Chrysler always pays tribute to the classics, the internal structure of their cars is always very modern (engines for Chrysler are produced by the German company Mersedes-Benz). And that is why Chrysler cars are sold very well (for the period of 2006, the company sold over a million cars a year!). Moreover, Chrysler cars are well bought both in America and in Europe.

By the way, few people know, but during the Second World War, Chrysler produced completely unromantic products - they produced tanks, and also very successfully - more than 25 thousand units of military equipment were produced at Chrysler enterprises. But the image of the Chrysler brand was never associated with the war, and, of course, the “war era” of Chrysler was quickly forgotten. Although, from that era, Chrysler could have taken a few more epithets into its piggy bank, for example, “reliable”, “protective”, which would also be quite suitable for the Chrysler brand.

Chrysler always keeps the brand and this has become the basis of high brand trust. So the Chrysler brand has managed to occupy a special individual and unique niche in the global car market, and in this niche they have practically no serious competitors. More precisely, Chrysler did not just occupy a special niche, but rather was the creator of its own niche.

So the Chrysler brand enjoys the trust of its customers (especially when the company introduced a seven-year (or - 70 thousand miles) warranty on its cars), respect for tradition, high demand and is a guarantor of quality and reliability, coupled with captivating emotionality, which is a special sign Chrysler brand.

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