Chupa Chups. Famous iconic brand

At first glance, there is nothing interesting in Chupa Chups. Yes, lollipop. However, in the history of this brand, not everything is so simple.

Chupa Chups. Iconic brand

To begin with, it is very important to emphasize that Chupa Chups is the first caramel that was produced specifically for children. Now Chupa Chups is popular among both children and adults equally. Maybe Chupa Chups is the only children's sweet that adults love too.

The second important aspect is that Chupa Chups is equipped with a special stick - so that children's hands do not get dirty and sticky. True, this invention is actually very doubtful - cockerel lollipops have been around for a long time in Rus', and they have been supplied with sticks for centuries. Well, okay, if the Spanish figure Enrique Bernat considered that it was he who first thought of such a simple thing, then we will not dissuade him of this, because he patented “his invention”.

The third, perhaps most interesting, is that the Chupa Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dali himself. Dali came up with the first slogan for Chupa Chups: "It's delicious and long".

Well, that’s probably all the interesting things that can be said about Chupa Chups (by the way, in America and Europe Chupa Chups is pronounced as “chapa-chaps”, and only in the CIS, as always, they were so original).

In general, surprisingly, the candy unwound. And the Chupa Chups brand has become one of the most famous in the world.

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