Pepsi. Famous iconic brand

Pepsi (or Pepsi-Cola) is a cult brand. Moreover, in some countries this drink is more popular than its main competitor Coca-cola. For example, in the Soviet Union, Pepsi appeared just at a time when people there knew little about the world because of the Iron Curtain. So the attitude towards Pepsi in the countries of the former Soviet Union is the same as the Americans towards the legendary Harley Davidson - they consider this brand a symbol of freedom.

Pepsi. Iconic brand

Interestingly, the first name of Pepsi-Cola was "Bred's Drink" - after the name of the creator, who was a pharmacist. By the way, the inventor of the Coca-Cola drink was also a pharmacist. So these drinks really have a lot in common in history.

There is still controversy over the name "Pepsi". Most people believe that the word is derived from "pepsin" - an ingredient that is part of the Pepsi drink. A minority of people claim that the name comes from the name of a stomach disease - dyspepsia.

More interesting facts. First, in a trial where people were given blind tastes of Pepsi and Coca-Cola (i.e., without a name), most test subjects chose Pepsi as the tastier drink. It's strange, but it's true.

The second fact: Pepsi's business strategy in the Soviet Union was very strange - the drink was exchanged for Soviet Stolichnaya vodka. And it really was.

Another important difference between Pepsi and Coca-cola: in Pepsi, among the substances hazardous to health, there is only a huge amount of sugar (this is what should be said in advertising for the drink). However, when compared to Pepsi, Coca-cola will prove to be more hazardous to health.

But why bother with the comparison? Pepsi conquered people with its special taste and special spirit (as in the advertising campaign: “We are the generation of Pepsi!”), but in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Pepsi is, of course, still a brand with a touch of freedom, because the drink was lucky to be a pioneer from West.

And by the way, Pepsi often uses these criteria in its advertising - freedom, self-expression, and even avant-garde. So for many young people, this is not just a delicious drink, but also a way to show the world that they are ahead of the whole planet.

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