Clarins. Famous iconic brand

The history of the French brand Clarins is quite remarkable. After all, this brand managed to become world famous (Clarins is popular in at least 150 countries), although initially the company's products were very, very specific - it's just a massage oil. And the creator of Clarins, Jacques Courtin-Clairin, is not a businessman by profession, but just a physiotherapist who gave massages to people with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Clarins. Iconic brand

How exactly did Clarins manage to become not just a major brand, but a truly famous brand in the world?

The creator of the brand, Jacques Curtin-Clerin, plays an important role in the world fame of the brand. At the beginning of his career, he did not even think about how to create a huge company. He was just a good massage therapist. And the idea of the Clarins brand belongs not so much to him, but to his patients, who, after Clarin's massages, not only felt better, but also boasted to the master that after his work even their skin takes on a healthier look.

It's the customer feedback that makes Clarins think he should use this theme. Initially, Clarins opens his own beauty salon (1954), and in the process, dissatisfied with the quality of the massage oils available that day, creates his own massage oil.

However, Clarins could not give his massages to everyone - it was simply impossible. And that's when he decides to release his branded oil to the big market.

And so the Clarins company appeared in France.

But that was only the beginning. Firstly, after some time, Clarins realized that he should not be limited to only one product, and secondly, the company begins to decide not to be limited to only women. But the truly successful idea of the company was that it began to involve physicians in the work, who could give detailed advice on the use of Clarins branded products. In addition, the company decided to be honest with its customers and all products began to be supplied with a detailed medical description of their products. Moreover, these descriptions began to be made as clear and simple as possible, without little-known scientific terms, so that any ordinary person could understand what these descriptions actually say.

This strategy of honesty, openness and attention to consumers has produced tangible results. And contributed to its active development and exit outside the native country. Clarins quickly won the hearts of the people, because the company made every effort to communicate about its products and the correct methods of their use, the use of Clarins products gave the very results that consumers expected. And long years of work, together with attention to its consumers, have created an impeccable reputation for the Clarins brand.

Well, what else, if not expected (and received) results and a spotless reputation are the best advertising for a product and a brand?

So it is not at all surprising that the Clarins brand has become so widely known throughout the world, even if the company's products are strictly limited to a fairly narrow niche in the market.

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