Chanel. Famous iconic brand

One of the most famous and truly iconic brand is Chanel (or rather, to be meticulous, “Chanel” is just an abbreviation for the current Parisian fashion house “The House of Chanel”). He is known primarily for the personality of the Great Mademoiselle - Coco Chanel and her revolution in the world of women's fashion.

Chanel. Iconic brand

You don’t even have to talk about Coco Chanel - her story has been retold many times by magazines and newspapers around the world, radio and television, and several films have even been made. Chanel introduced women to short haircuts, shoulder bags, sun tan, shirts, trousers and more. We will mention a little to introduce the brand itself.

The Chanel brand is, first of all, simplicity, practicality and elegance. Which once was completely unrelated to women. It was rather the prerogative of men. However, the incomparable Coco dared to show the whole world that you can dress not only beautifully, but also practical and simple. And the world appreciated the courage of the little Frenchwoman. And the way Coco dressed automatically became the style of the Chanel brand, since it was the Great Mademoiselle who was the owner of the Chanel Fashion atelier.

What great creations are now an example of the Chanel brand? First of all, these are the most popular perfumes Chanel No. 5. These perfumes revolutionized perfumery in that they used the scent of not one flower (as it was before Chanel No. 5), but several floral scents at once. The author of these perfumes, by the way, is the Russian perfumer Ernest Bo. But the design of the bottle belongs entirely to Coco - chopped, square, simple.

With Chanel No. 5 has an interesting story that we cannot but tell. The famous Marilyn Monroe once, in response to a journalist’s tricky question: “What do you wear when you go to bed?”, Said: “Just a few drops of Chanel No. 5". This simple but ingenious answer has been used in perfume commercials since.

Next comes the so-called "Little Black Dress", which in fact was just a little black dress - one of the simplest and most versatile, but extremely elegant items of a woman's wardrobe to this day. The little black dress has proved so popular and practical that it has even been compared to the iconic American Ford car (also known for its simplicity and practicality).

Much more could be said, but we will probably stop, otherwise the history of the brand will turn into a story about the Great Mademoiselle. We only add that the unique style of Chanel was especially appreciated by practical and simple Americans. And this fact alone can say a lot about the Chanel brand.

Now Chanel has gone far from the spirit of the brand and trades in luxury goods: clothes, perfumes, accessories and jewelry. What can you do, as the French say - such is life. However, the life story of the Great Mademoiselle Coco Chanel and such great inventions as Chanel No. 5 and the Little Black Dress immortalized the Chanel brand, favorably giving it the title of "cult". And in world history, the Chanel brand will remain primarily as an image of simplicity, practicality and elegance.

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