MAC. Famous iconic brand

The iconic and famous MAC brand is also a brand with a very interesting marketing position. This position lies in the fact that MAC “presents” its branded product as a product primarily for professionals. And therefore, MAC initially and to this day does not burden itself with intrusive advertising - they only really produce professional cosmetics. And the MAC brand owes its popularity primarily to the fact that eminent people in the field of fashion voluntarily and completely free of charge advertise the MAC brand (and, accordingly, products).

MAC. Iconic brand

Having first appeared on the market, MAC immediately began to position itself as a brand for professionals. Accordingly, the company's products were not ordinary, but of very high quality, albeit expensive. Well, is a brand with such a reputation suitable for intrusive advertising designed for all consumers? Of course not.

However, famous people - photographers, make-up artists, top models, movie and music stars, having tried branded products only once, immediately appreciated the quality of MAC. And then the company didn’t have to do anything - the celebrities themselves advertised the product, offering it to friends and acquaintances (often also famous). So very soon, MAC products became elite, and, of course, not using MAC cosmetics was considered “bad form” among bohemians.

It often happened that in public statements, stars and famous people were in a hurry to “boast” and often to the question “What kind of cosmetics do you use?” responded with "MAC cosmetics!" even if they used those cosmetics. However, MAC really pays a lot of attention to the quality of its products, so those who experienced MAC remained their loyal fans. And having already captured the world of the elite, MAC professional cosmetics began to conquer other groups that have always sought to imitate their idols and other “celestials”.

Such an unexpected marketing move was used by MAC. And the most amazing thing is that MAC's very special advertising campaign has paid off - MAC is now one of the most famous firms and brands in the cosmetics market. But most importantly, unlike competing brands, MAC has a very high and clean reputation, and branded products are listed as very high quality and trustworthy.

Of course, it cannot be said that MAC does nothing at all in order to promote its own project. No, MAC invests money, but invests its finances not in advertising, but, for example, in the AIDS Foundation and other similar projects, for which MAC is even more loved and respected. Both true professionals, for whom branded products are primarily intended, and ordinary mortals who imitate famous people in everything and trust them much more than the most creative advertising.

So now the MAC brand occupies a leading position in the professional cosmetics market, which is unlikely to have an equally strong competitor. But even if one day MAC disappears from the market, it will forever remain in the history of brands as a brand with a unique and interesting marketing strategy.

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